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4 thoughts on “Today’s Inspiration

  1. True. For there to be beginnings there must be endings. End of August 29th I will retire from my current job at the museum. I’m not only ready but looking forward to retirement and free me time. I will probably engage in some part time work but my goals are to expand my horizons through photography, writing and painting. Hopefully God willing I will have my own Art Show Spring next year 2019.

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    1. AWESOME!! I will keep an eye open for your work. I’m sure your work will pave a way for your dreams of travel and spending more time with your brother to come to fruition.


      1. Many factors led to my decision to take an Early Retirement. I’m only 59. But each day I receive confirmation that I’m making the right choice. Spending more time with my brother Stephen is my top #1 priority.

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      2. That’s the best way to do it, once you receive confirmation then push on. Spending more time with your brother I think is the best motivation of all!!


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