The Work We Love Is Never Tedious!

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The reason why the average person never gets tired from play but always gets tired from work is because he loves the former but does not love the latter. The work is mechanical, the play is not; therefore the one wearies while the other exhilarates. The work, however, would never be mechanical if it were loved, and it is possible to love work just as much as we love play. ~ Christian D. Larson


5 thoughts on “The Work We Love Is Never Tedious!

  1. Another great truth. While I’m painting or making collages and taking photos I’m in the Zone. I’m so focused on what I’m doing that time moves quickly because those activities bring me joy. Planning and engaging with my brother Stephen is fun and pure joy because we enjoy each other’s company. We Love being together. Especially when we dress up. Costumes, Halloween, becoming Super Heroes is happiness, fun and creative.

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    1. Awesome!! I find your paintings very relaxing. You have a wonderfully healthy relationship with your brother and I think that benefits both of you not just him 🙂 Keep going, keep being you. Blessings for your first showing 🙂


      1. Let’s hope that I can continue. Due to situations beyond my control I didn’t see him in June nor will I see my brother Stephen this month July.
        Maybe if I’m lucky perhaps we can see each other in August. Many of my paintings also express anger, frustration and disappointment.
        Painting is an activity that I can do at home since my health and medical problems often keep me home. Coping with aging, sickness, disease and disability has been my rude awakening to an uncertain future.

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