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Though I enjoy the company of others………….



Phenomenal Friday-A Reflective Poem: “On The Day That I Die”

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It’s something we’ve all experienced but something we hate to think about.  What scares us most is the unknowing, we don’t know what’s on the other side and knowing what you have is scarier than not knowing what you’re going to get. Besides the unknowing, death forces us to put everything in perspective, it makes us more aware of our mortality, it makes us more aware of life.

Like many of you, my life has been what seems like an endless rollercoaster right, filled with more downs than ups.  There are moments I’m hoping I never had to go through again, looking back on it all, a part of me is happy for the experience and proud of myself for withstanding the storms. These moments, have made me appreciate the good times even more.

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