Phenomenal Friday-Things I Lost In The Fire

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Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.  ~Charles R. Swindoll

A few days ago I was looking for a book I was sure to have packed.  It was a second edition of the “Gods in Winter” by Patricia Miles, a book purchased from a book fair at my daughter’s old school. Though I’ve read it twice already, I figured it’s warranted another read.  Four years in and I’m still not totally unpacked,  after wading through the ocean of unpacked boxes and suitcases, leaving no box or suitcase unchecked,  it dawned on me that it must’ve gotten misplaced in the move, whether here or back home am not really sure. But for certain it’s been added to my list of casualties of the great move!

I’ve always had the argument with my Mom that things never really got lost, she says they were simply misplaced. But for me, if I can’t find something, it’s LOST! (LOL). Searching for that made me wonder about life and how we often lose or misplace things along the way, whether it’s a loss of friendship, loved one or misplaced trinkets. More recently I misplaced my jump drive that held most of the blogs I’ve done, two books that I had just completed, photos of the kids, a video of my last trip to home before moving. I’m still trying to recover! The books I can rewrite. The blogs, most were already posted but the photos and video are gone, moving past that is going to take some time.

This is where I usually win the argument. Losing something is not the same as misplacing it. I’ve met people who have lost their homes, careers, even partners either through divorce or death. A lot of which I clearly identified because I’ve experienced the same and those things were not misplaced then found again and with each loss, we lose bits and pieces of ourselves partly due to the fact that with any change in our lives, that change will most certainly bring about change in ourselves. It’s impossible to go unscathed by the events that touch our lives. It will either make you stronger or it will break you. A few years ago my grandmother’s house was completely destroyed by a fire. She had died years before but those walls held so many fond memories, visiting that old house I could hear echoes of the past, sometimes in a familiar smell or the bellowing of the wind coming in from the ocean that got trapped in its walls reminded me of nights spent around her dinner table chatting about life. That old house was a great loss for me because even if were to be rebuilt, she was no longer here to create memories within its walls. That left me broken! It left me with the feeling that a part of me was gone forever, there was no coming back from that.

Saying all that, life has taught me some valuable lessons:

1. Cherish what I have now because it could all be gone in an instant. 2. Don’t sweat the small stuff, when we die we will leave it all behind anyway.
3. Our life is built from all the memories we’ve created.
4. Always back up! This is something I’ve never been disciplined in, as I’m writing my computer is reminding me that I haven’t done a back up in 90days!

The lesson we can all take away from anything that was taken away from us is that, that thing, large or small once shared our space and have imprinted some memory in our life and for that, we can be grateful because the change that lost brought was necessary.

This is my contribution to Debbie’s Forgiving Friday series, where she writes about and invite others to share their reflections on Forgiveness, Self-Love and Personal Growth. Thank you, Debbie Roth,  I am eternally grateful to you for allowing me to contribute to your blog.


~Happy Friday

©Etta D. Richards

5 thoughts on “Phenomenal Friday-Things I Lost In The Fire

  1. Etta, you are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing the greatness of the lessons you learned, and how gratefulness helps you open to the gift of the thing or person! These tips are such guidelines for living and an opportunity to let go of grieving into the joy of Soul. I love you. Will share this in tomorrow’s post!! Love, Debbie

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    1. Thank you Debbie. Sometimes in life we really need to learn to let go and live. I used to get so upset about losing stuff, then I thought one day, if I died that instance I would leave those things behind anyway.

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    1. I had to learn that. I’ve lost so many things and people over the years, in my reflective moments the memories became fresh and it would make me crazy. So I have to see the lesson in the loss and be grateful for the thing or person 🙂

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