15 thoughts on “Hump Day Humour

      1. One gold tooth is not a problem. People have done that for years. But when you see these folks with an entire gold grille in their mouth well that’s just being a hood rat. Also my girlfriend who has been a dental hygienist for years told me that People often get these golden grills installed at a jewelry shop! Because you can’t brush or clean the teeth they eventually rot! And their breath is so bad it can strip paint off walls! Ugh!

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      2. :-0 True about the bat breath and I have wondered about the cleaning. I only wanted one because back in the 80’s one of my high school teachers had one. Not a full tooth, it was more like a strip around one of her front tooth. My great-grandfather had one as well. He was a sailor back in the day, got a gold tooth and tattoo one drunken night while in port. He died at the age of 80 and still had it in. lol! lol!

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    1. Halloween is not a widely celebrated as it is on the other side. They’re just getting into the Halloween here, apparently years ago it was banned and people are just getting back into over the past few decades.

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      1. Actually it is and has origins in UK, Ireland and some parts of Europe, but turn of the century when Religion became mainstream celebrations were frowned on. But it’s coming back now. And they carved Turnips not pumpkins πŸ˜‰

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