Fortune Awaits You!


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No one has failed as long as he can begin again. So start now to do the things you feel you have it in you to do. Ask permission of no man. Your belief that you can do the thing gives you thought-force their power. Fortune waits upon you. Seize her boldly, hold her and she is yours. She belongs rightfully to you. The men who have made their mark in this world all had one trait in common — they believed in themselves. So what do you want most from life? Whatever it is, you can have it — if you can believe in it — if you can see in it in your mind’s eye as yours. You must be able to hold it in your thought, visualize it, see yourself having it. You must make your model clearcut and distinct.

1. Remember, the first thing necessary is a sincere desire, concentrating your thought on one thing with singleness of purpose.

2. The second is visualization, seeing yourself doing it, imaging the object in the same way that God first imaged everything He created.

3. The third essential is to take whatever action is necessary to start your nucleus revolving and growing.

4. Next is faith, believing that you HAVE the thing you want, affirming constantly to your image in the mirror that you ARE rich or successful or healthy or happy. Not that you are going to be, mind you but that you ARE!

5. And the last is gratitude, gratitude for this thing that you have received, for the power that enabled you to create it, for all the gifts that Mind has given you in such profusion. Thank God that you HAVE received.

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