Treat Every Side of Your Life Positively


You are continually “treating” your condition with the thoughts which you hold concerning them. What you really think about anything, is your real “treatment of that thing. Many people have the idea that they are only “treating” when they call it “treating,” but no matter what you call it, your thought concerning any subject is a treatment. This is the reason visual conditions are always the expression of invisible thought. This is the explanation of the great truth that your own concept is what you see. Every day you treat your body, your business, your family, and you treat the city and the state and the nation and the world, by the kind of thoughts you think concerning them. If you will begin systematically to treat every side of your life with a series of positive, correct thoughts, and keep to this practice for even a few weeks, you will be amazed to find how much everything will change for the better.  ~Emmet Fox 


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