We Develop Our Own Spiritual Faculties

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There is no condition that cannot be overcome with sufficient spiritual power. There is no problem that can present itself to the mind of man which cannot be solved with enough spiritual understanding. The very fact that man can become conscious of a problem at all is a proof that he can find a solution. We are here on the earth to solve these very problems because in solving them we develop our own spiritual faculties. Every difficulty that comes into your life, every problem that presents itself to you, means that there is a point at which you are to learn something.”  ~ Emmet Fox

Practice To Find Better Ways To Do The Same Old Things

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Individuals with positive mental attitudes are never found in a rut.

Individuals with a positive attitude are those who somehow always manage to find something new and interesting even in the most mundane tasks. They don’t allow themselves to be bored, because they are always seeking ways to do things faster, better, and more efficiently. If you make it a practice to find better ways to do the same old things, you will soon be marked for advancement. You will be supervising others who are performing your old job because you’ve proven that you are a person who can be counted on to take the initiative and do what needs to be done without being told.