Bless The Circumstances That Surround You

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All the energy of the universe is around you. You can have anything of good you desire. But it must first go through you — and you won’t let it. You put up more resistance to good than all the non-conductors that ever interfered with an electrical circuit. You can’t believe that good is so easily available. You feel that it can come to you only after a hard struggle, and disappointments and pain. You insist upon putting these non-conductors in its path. You add worries and fears and hates and envies so that by the time the good reaches you, its current is so weak that there is little left. Like attracts like. Hate brings hate and all the ills that follow in its wake. Envy and fear and worry attract discord and disease. If you want health, happiness, in your life, it you are seeking riches and success, attune your thoughts to these. BLESS the circumstances that surround you. Bless and praise those who come in contact with you. Bless even the difficulties you meet, for by blessing them, you can change them from discordant conditions to favorable ones, you can speed up their rate of activity to where they will bring you good instead of evil. It is only lack of RESPONSIVENESS to good that produces the lacks in your life. Good works on the plane of EXPANSION. Good revolves at a high rate of activity. You can key your activity to the same rate by an expectant confident state of mind. You can bring all your surroundings and circumstances up to that same level by BLESSING them, PRAISING the good in them. Remember, the basic magnet lies in your own thoughts. Upon the quality and activity of that magnet depend on the good or evil that will be drawn to you. You are the Master of your fate. You are the architect who determines the materials that are to be used in making your life and your circumstances. You have the power of SELECTIVITY.

~Robert Collier


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