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7 thoughts on “Today’s Inspiration

    1. 😮 58?? OMG! He does not look 58. I thought he was in his forties. I love Dinosaurs and can’t wait to see the photos of his special day!
      Happy Birthday to Stephen 🎂🎁🎊 🎉 🎂🎁


  1. I agree 100 % but sometimes for me the temptation to Clapback is too much.

    A few weeks ago I held back my words as a former coworker insulted me. Another coworker had to put her hand on my shoulder to keep me from slapping the mess out of the abuser. I had a massive headache for three days afterwards.

    Wish I had been able to punch out Ms. Nasty lights. Much more satisfying. But I used Self control. However I’m glad that heifer went to another job. Bitter People bring their problems to work just to torture everyone.

    Nobody misses Her and I didn’t say goodbye. More like Good Riddance.

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    1. It takes a lot of self control to NOT respond to stupid people. It’s a daily struggle for me because as you say, bitter people bring their problems to work. They can’t stand up to the people who hurt them so they try to take it out other people!!

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