Why You Must Grow As Well As Feed Others Who Are Growing!

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The Fundamental Law of the Universe is that you must integrate or disintegrate. You must grow — or feed others who are growing. There is no standing still. You must speed up your rate of motion until you are attracting to yourself all the unused forces about you, or you must give your own to help build some other man’s success. “To him that hath, shall be given.” To him that is using his attractive powers, shall be given everything he needs for growth and fruition. “From him, that hath not, shall be taken away even that which he hath.” The penalty for not using your attractive powers is the loss of them. You are demagnetized. And like a dead magnet surrounded by live ones, you must be content to see everything you have drawn to yourself taken by them, until eventually even you are absorbed by their resistless force.

~Robert Collier


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