The Concentrated Power of Handling Mental Work


“It is one of the prominent doctrines of some of the oriental schools of practical psychology that the power of expelling thoughts, or if need be, killing them dead on the spot, must be attained. Naturally, the art requires practice, but like other arts, when once acquired there is no mystery or difficulty about it. It is worth practice. It may be fairly said that life only begins when this art has been acquired. For obviously when, instead of being ruled by individual thoughts, the whole flock of them in their immense multitude and variety and capacity is ours to direct and dispatch and employ where we list, life becomes a thing so vast and grand, compared to what it was before, that its former condition may well appear almost ante-natal. If you can kill a thought dead, for the time being, you can do anything else with it that you please. And therefore it is that this power is so valuable. And it not only frees a man from mental torment (which is nine-tenths at least of the torment of life), but it gives him a concentrated power of handling mental work absolutely unknown to him before. The two are correlative to each other.”

~Robert Collier


3 thoughts on “The Concentrated Power of Handling Mental Work

  1. Absolutely. About two weeks ago I took a three day class on forgiveness Taught by my Pastor.

    It was an honest exploration of forgiveness and the issues that surrounding this subject. We were able to ask questions look at ways on Self improvement using Bible scriptures as a base.

    I know that I have a problem with Anger. Nobody condemned me because we were all working on bettering ourselves.

    Yes. You must do the work. I don’t want to be an angry bitter old woman.

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  2. Much early in life we instinctively have it in us.
    But as we grow a fear psychosis develops and we have to find the Art to handling mental work.
    We have find slowly that per to handle.
    Regards Etta

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