Phenomenal Friday-Aim High, Dream Often



“If you don’t have a dream how are we going to make a dream come true?”

I’ve always dreamt of being a writer. I also dreamt of being a pilot but that writer inside of me kept poking me in the side. Besides flying, lessons were way more expensive. My favourite subject in school was always in English because we had to write Essays or short stories which fueled my imagination. One of the reasons I started this blog was to encourage me to write more in hopes that it would foster the completion of my books. While I am disciplined in keeping up with my blog, I have not been so disciplined in finishing my book. The words are there, the end is in sight, now if I can just put those words on paper. That would be a huge accomplishment for me.

Last week a friend of mine whom I met a year or so after moving to Scotland announced that she had finished her book. I couldn’t help but be jealous and excited. Jealous because we both started in the same book club a few years back and now she’s at the editing stage of her book which is due to be released end of August. Excited because I am aware of the basis of the book and can’t wait to read it with high hopes that it gets picked up and made into a movie. Honestly, there’s more excitement than jealousy in the mix because ow I can say I know an author.

We often don’t understand our potential and rarely achieve all that we’re capable of because people will never understand their own potential. I see it all the time, people limiting their aspirations to a comfortable level of achievement and never passing that bar. CC had a dream, she aspired to be a writer, she followed that aspiration never allowing its flames to burn out. That aspiration came to fruition by means of South Plantation School for Colored Girls.”

Aim high, dream often grow your wings on the way down. Dreaming is how you make things come true if you don’t have a dream how will you make it come true.

~Happy Friday

This is my submission to Debbie’s Forgiving Friday series, where she writes about and invite others to share their thoughts on  Forgiveness, Self-Love and Personal Growth.

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8 thoughts on “Phenomenal Friday-Aim High, Dream Often

  1. Sometimes we don’t achieve a dream because we haven’t taken action toward making that dream a priority in our daily life. Could this be a possibility? Thanks for sharing honestly about your experience. I know I am not the only one who could relate. I hope you get out your calendar and schedule in your next writing date fir yourself. You deserve it.

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  2. Gorgeous, Etta. And, I know you can do it on your book! One of the clients in my Self-forgiveness and Money group is writing 2-3 times per week as an action step to help her get her book published! Love that you are putting your intention out to the Universe, and each step of the way know that I am smiling and saying, Go Etta D. 🙂
    Love and Light,


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