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EttaDAs borders become less concrete, people become more mobile and technology allows us to become increasingly exposed to those from diverse cultures, interracial relationships are becoming more and more common. That said, this doesn’t mean they are in any sense easy. There are still lots of raised eyebrows, dumbass questions and general prejudices that those in interracial relationships have to face each and every day.

In today’s special guest post Etta D, a blogger based in Scotland, who talks about her experiences of interracial relationships in the USA, UK and the Bahamas. She also provides insights into she (and her husband, Jeremy) deal with these obstacles. 

The uncomfortable twist, the silent gaze, the awkward conversations. I’ve experienced it all at home and abroad. Both in my past relationships and my current one.

I remember when my eldest was just a baby, this lady walked up to me while at a…

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4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Ebony And Ivory………The Loving Way by EttaD of Simply Etta

  1. Great article! I have a similar perspective on this issue. I grew up on the French Island of Reunion (Indian Ocean) where race and ethnicity was never an issue and it is a real melting pot over there. Like you, I never look at the colour of a person but rather their substance. My husband is white English and our two daughters have inherited the best of both world and the best of both culture from a physical point of view (it is very difficult when you look at them to put them in a certain ethnic category) but also from a mindset/personality and character point of view. My daughters have a view of the world that is very open-minded, tolerant of other cultures and traditions and they have an easiness and ability to relate and interact with people from different background and culture that I find refreshing and that I am very proud of.

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    1. Your girls sound awesome. My daughters are the same, they are also very open-minded and tolarent of cultures and traditions. It all came naturally without coaching from myself so I am extremely proud of them both. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life with us Joanne 🙂

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