Phenomenal Friday-Imposter Syndrome And Confidently Selling Yourself

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When you know you’re ENOUGH! When you stop focusing on all things that you’re not.
When you stop fussing over perceived flaws. When you remove all imposed and unbelievable expectations on yourself. When you start celebrating yourself more.
When you focus on all that you are. When you start believing that your perceived flaws are just that – perception”
~Malebo Sephodi

When work becomes routine it is easy to become complacent. When you have been removed from your element it is even more easy to become bored to death of that routine. This is because my brain craves constant stimulation through constructive conversations, work or study. Right now I am at an impasse and my brain is screaming desperately for me to move on and longing for new challenges as it has become lethargic in its present daily routine, it also doesn’t that I don’t like an exact fit to the environment I am in right now. What’s stopping me from giving in to the urge of moving on? The thought of having to sell “me” to another panel.

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Awaken Your Power


“We are not born ignorant, nor are we born stupid. We are just strategically kept from remembering who we are. We are made stupid by education and hypnosis. We are made ignorant by entertainment designed to program our brains to obey. We are made criminals for seeking truth by leaders who gain power by blatantly feeding us fear & lies under the name of truth. All done in an attempt to keep our minds from ever breaking out of the comfort and familiarity of the ignorance we were spoon-fed from infancy. Anything to keep us from waking up to our power.”

~Brooke Hampton

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