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The Seven-Day Mental


The subject of diet is one of the foremost topics of the present day in public interest. Newspapers and magazines teem with articles and book shops are filled with volumes unfolding the mysteries of proteins and vitamins. Experts are saying that you become the thing you eat. This is perfectly true, as far as it goes, but I am going to deal with the subject of dieting at a level infinitely more profound and far-reaching in its effects—mental dieting.

The food you furnish your mind determines the character of your life. The subjects that you allow your mind to dwell upon, make your surroundings what they are. As thy days, so shall thy strength be (Deuteronomy 33:25), which in modern language may be translated “as thy thoughts so shall thy life be.”

Everything in your life today—the state of your body, the state of your fortune, the state of your home, the present condition of every phase of your life—is entirely conditioned by the habitual tone of your past thinking. And the condition of your life next week, and next year, will be conditioned by the thoughts and feelings that you entertain from now onward. In other words, you choose your life.

How to Manage Limited Beliefs

When something says to you that you cannot demonstrate “because” – treat the because. When you think, I cannot demonstrate because I have not enough understanding – treat for understanding. When you think, I cannot treat because I have a headache – treat the headache. When you think, I cannot demonstrate because I am full of doubts – treat the doubts. When you think I cannot demonstrate because it is now too late – treat against the time illusion. When you think, I cannot demonstrate this thing because of my age – treat your age belief. When you think, I cannot demonstrate because someone else will hinder me – treat the belief in a power other than God. No matter what name the because may give itself, it is still your belief in limitation. 

~Emmet Fox

Christmas Is My Favourite Time Of The Year

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My idea of Christmas is keeping traditions, old and new and building lasting memories with those you hold dear. ~ Etta D. Richards

For all those who celebrated, I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, filled with joy and surrounded by family and friends. Christmas means something different to different people. One lady at my work said she looks forward to having the time off work, while someone else said she looks forward to spending time with family who lives abroad but always come back home for the Holidays. Despite the season being bittersweet due to my grandmother’s passing a few days after Christmas many years ago, It doesn’t matter where I am in the world, Christmas is still my favourite time of year. It’s the one time of the year that she brought us all together as a family.

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Hump Day Humour


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