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When you woke up this morning, what did you ASK for? Did you ASK to have a brilliant day, to laugh a lot, to feel really good? Did you ASK for more money, a better job, your perfect partner, a new house, a plane ticket, new clothes, tickets to a concert you want to go to, those shoes you love, a new sound system? Did you ASK to be slimmer, fitter, wiser, to see better, hear better, feel better? When you woke this morning did you ASK for all the things you want? To RECEIVE you have to ASK, and yet many people don’t ASK for what they want. Those who receive a lot ASK for a lot every single day. Make a list of everything you want, big and small; when you wake in the morning read your list and ASK, ASK, ASK for those things every single day, and you will receive them! ASKING is using the power of your thoughts deliberately. ASKING is creating your life the way you want it! Whenever you think of something you want – just ASK! 

~ Rhonda Byrne