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“What we call fundamental truths are simply the ones we discover after all the others.”
~Albert Camus

We live in a world where everyone believes that what they believe is the truth and so often those beliefs are imposed on others. They’re not wrong in their beliefs as what they hold as truth may be working for them but it doesn’t mean that it works for everyone else because what a person believes directly reflects on how they live their lives.  The best way to live your own truth by not being a bystander suck in someone else’s truth.

Some people are quite happy living the truth of others, in this way if things don’t turn out as planned they have someone else to blame. Seek wisdom in everything that you do, living your truth means asking, “what is real?” Once you’ve found the answer, choose differently, build your day around things that are important to you rather than what’s important to someone else. Build the courage and willpower to maintain complete loyalty to those things.

Choose to live in the now
Choose to live positively
Choose NOT to see yourself as a victim
Choose forgiveness of yourself and others
Choose to see the possibilities in everything
Choose to recognize your worth even when others don’t
Choose to get rid of the old paradigms and let go of your false beliefs and habits

At one point in their lives, everyone around you had to make the difficult choice to walk away from the familiar and live their truth. It takes mental strength to take a real step to move forward. The world is counting on you to take your place in making it better.

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