“Think of responsibility as a blessing, not a burden.”
~Haresh Sippy

Sometimes it’s hard accepting our role in situations. We had all experienced times in our lives where we have shied away from accepting our negative role in a situation. For me once I realised the negative impact of not taking responsibility for my actions was having on my own self I learned to confess my mistake no matter the consequences.  But when someone points out your mistake, the most natural instinct of panic and fear kicks in, then creeps in the excuses. It then becomes easier to shift that blame onto someone else because once pushed externally you no longer have to deal with the negative impact.

Whether you choose to accept it or not, excuses provide a short term resolution and before you know it, that situation has grown arms and legs. The truth is,  failing to accept responsibility for your actions means failing to grow as a person.  If you feel the need to always push the blame to someone else you will never become your best self, there will always be that shadow of mediocre holding you back.  By not taking responsibility you surrender your control while opening yourself up to criticism.

Taking responsibility doesn’t have to be a horror show because it has its benefits.

1. You get to Ignore the critics by taking control of the situation and owning it!

2. It gives you a sense of empowerment

3. It closes the gap between you and your dreams by making you more accountable

4. It increases your credibility so others will know they can trust your judgement

Finally, don’t panic, be mindful, push the fear and self-doubt to the side and be more faithful to yourself. The biggest step you will have to make is deciding that you will take responsibility for your actions by not continuing to make cowardly excuses.


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