Writing Prompt…It’s hard, But Surely There’s A Positive…

This is a wonderful reminder to stay in The Positive during this international Lockdown!!

Author, Kim Knight

morning-2243465_1280Writing prompt: It’s hard, but surely there’s a positive…

Last night like you probably did too, I watched the late night news and fell into bed somewhat exhausted. But it wasn’t  a feeling of needing sleep, in fact with ‘lock down’ and not being able to leave the house I’ve had plenty of that! No, it was a different kind of tired. I was tired of being worried, scared, and panicked by the state of the world right now. Coronavirus, one world and it sets everyone on edge. In fact, last night I saw an ambulance pull up outside my neighbour’s house, I was gripped with fear as that neighbour has a little boy the same age as my son.

Anyway, I’m tired of being worried, as I sat on the edge of the bed it came to me, this writing prompt I created myself. “It’s hard, but surely there’s…

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4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt…It’s hard, But Surely There’s A Positive…

  1. There’s so much to be afraid of if we keep looking at the news and our news feeds but we can still choose to limit what comes into our circle. Limiting the influx of information is a good idea, because the media does tend to sensationalize what’s happening.

    The positives? Most people are recovering! We’ve rediscovered the true priorities in our lives and are spending time with family.

    People who have recovered are now starting to donate blood to create a serum which can be transfused into patients who are going through worse symptoms in hospitals to help their recoveries!! This is huge!!

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