The Importance of Living in Gratitude 

The- importance- of -living- in - Gratitude 
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“Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience.”
~Roy T. Bennett

Like most of you reading this right now, I’m in lockdown. While I value the time I get to spend with my family, I worry about my family who is not with me and my friends who are currently still working. The hours have melted into days, days into weeks and before you know it weeks will melt into months.  As you transition your lives to accommodate the changes set before you, you should not allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the feeling of fear!  Rather invite that of gratitude!

How you spend your time depends on what is it you valued most. Do you value more time with family, making money or personal development through learning a new skill? What will you remember most when this is all over? What lessons would you have learned from being in lockdown? The consistent truths throughout this Pandemic is that time does not stand still, each day you will still get older and each day gives you a new opportunity to spend some time doing the things you value most. I know life may not seem fair right now but life can still be good.

1. Each morning arise with a feeling of Gratitude

2. Self- Care doesn’t have to stop because you’re locked in

3. Keep in mind that every day you are getting closer to the end of the Pandemic

4. Stop making excuses and start doing

Reminders of the importance of living in  Gratitude 

gratitude- makes-sense-of-the-past

forgiveness-is-medicine-for-the -soul-gratitude-is-vitamins


gratitude-shields -us-from-life's-uncertainties


When you look back on this period in your life, let there be many things that you reflect upon and be proud of!


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