Discovering My Sense of Purpose

I’m no to stranger loss. Loss of family, friends, things. Some losses are harder to deal with than others, my father passed away after I moved away from home, when I said my goodbyes to him, I didn’t realise that I was really saying goodbye. In the past few months, we’ve lost a lot of branches from our family tree, the old,  the young, those yet to be born have all made their transition to the great beyond. 

“Don’t allow your wounds to turn you into the person you’re not”

Those few months have forced me to step outside my social bubble and make some changes in my life, changes which led to the way I view the world and people. These changes have also reflected on the way I handle certain situations that would’ve otherwise set me on fire. I have learned to view aspects of my life differently as well gain a more positive opinion on anything that comes my way. In the midst of all the pain of loss, those changes helped me stay grounded, they gave me a better sense of purpose. For that I’m grateful.


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