The Advantages Of Working From Home

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Many of us have now found ourselves home working and can I just say, sometimes the struggle can get real. I have not been this happy to see Friday in a long time. My days have rolled into weeks, weeks into months and it had really gotten me into that feel for working from home. It was great to be able to walk the dog, indulge in the crisp morning air before starting work, it was a huge leap from having to roller skate around the house in the mornings before hitting the road for the office and at the end of the day, just as quickly as I was racing to the office, I was racing out of the office to get home. The past few weeks though it was beginning to feel like work was consuming my space.  The office offered the luxury of walking out that door each day and leaving it all behind, Friday was my “Yay” day because the weekend was always just around the corner. However, working from home, made Friday just another day. Yes, the weekend was still there but there was really nothing special about Fridays. My home was now my office and I was simply walking away from my desk. 

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