The Finish Line Is Closer Than You Think

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Six years ago we started our third and final Journey from Belgium to Scotland. We had made two trips prior, first to get a feel of the place, since neither of us had been here before we thought it would be nice to have a look around. The second was to view properties and finalise our lease. At the time of our first visit, we had no idea that it was mandatory for to view a property before signing a lease and our real estate agent refused to have us sign our lease remotely even if he thought the property was a fit for us. He wanted us to decide for ourselves. The trips were long, especially long for me since the longest drive I’d ever been on was a  5hour drive from Ohio to Pennsylvania decades before, that trip felt like torture so imagine a 9-hour drive from London to Edinburgh, adding to that journey, a 4hour drive from Liege to Calais with 45 in the Eurotunnel. 

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