Life has a way of turning us inside out. We do our best to create the best life for ourselves and those we care deeply about. But what happens when our lives are shattered into a million pieces? Simple, we pick up those pieces and move on. A friend this week reminded me that it’s ok to stay down, while this is true, I’m also reminded that it’s also important to get back up. Get back up, push your shoulders back and move on with those shattered pieces, it’s ok to nurse those wounds, time has a way of healing all wounds and helping us put those pieces back together. The picture might be a bit distorted, a bit faded, it may even be unrecognisable. But this is what happens after a renewal, we shed the old and come into the new. That old distorted, faded, unrecognisable vision is overshadowed by your renewed vision of hope, joy, desire…….All you have to do is believe in the process and keep moving!

~Etta D. Richards

3 thoughts on “What to Do When Life Turns Inside Out!

  1. I used to try in vain to fit the pieces back together to try to make my life fit toylike it used to, bit then I realized I was given some new pieces. I needed to fit everything together in a new way which made sense of the new, not trying to block them out in my attempt to hold onto the old! I needed to create a new tapestry in my life. I learned that sometimes things get ripped apart for a reason.

    I did a powerful piece of art therapy where I had taken an abstract art piece I had written out all my pain and anger upon. I had shredded I’d into small pieces after. Then I picked out the pieces which had the negative angry words and put them into a paper bag. I glued any remaining positive pieces onto a different abstract art piece and added some new positive embellishments. I took the bag of negative pieces and went up a nearby mountain and burned them. I offered prayers to help me release the negativity and to ask for help in healing. When I returned home I realized that I had created a powerful piece of art, found a series of actions to help me move forward, discovered a symbolic way to look at change and healing in my life.

    Sometimes some of the old gets ripped out to make room for the new, because it will serve us better in the life the universe has set out for us!


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    1. “Sometimes some of the old gets ripped out to make room for the new.” This is so true, we need to remove the old to build room for the new. I did something similar after my divorce. I wrote down all the negatives, ripped the paper into pieces, there was a lot, dug a hole on the Beach, burnt them. Then tossed the ashes into the wind.

      We need that cleansing, we need to remove the hurt, the sorrow and the unnecessary from our lives in order to heal and become who we are meant to be. xx
      Love and light to you ❤ xx

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