“In every crisis, doubt or confusion, take the higher path – the path of compassion, courage, understanding and love.”
Amit Ray

One year ago this was the last normal week for us and no one knew at the time that last year would be the year our world changed or how drastically life would change for all of us. I remember the discussion around the table during lunch the week prior, early March, about the virus that ravaging China with some of my colleagues trying to predict what course the government would take after rumor’s few cases being confirmed in the UK. No could one predicted what would happen next, we all thought a lockdown might be proposed for a few weeks, maximum a month, then things would go back to normal.

March 14th 2020 started out like any other day for many on this side, no doubt families had breakfast together, kids were carted off to school, mom and dad went to their perspective jobs. It was like any other day at work, everyone watching the clock, eager wait to finish their work day so that we could head home to glue ourselves to the television for the latest update of what was happening. Sadly our day was interrupted by a full staff meeting where we were informed of the impending lock down. All vulnerable persons were to remain home until further notice from the government. Workload when to emergency jobs and essential workers only in the workplace, non-essential business shut, including our favorite take-aways, cafes, hotels and restaurants, all businesses came to a holt. There was a mad dash for toilet paper, perishables and non-perishables. The only time I had ever experienced anything close to this was during a Hurricane back home, so in my Bahamian ways of always having a pretty much stocked pantry, I was prepared.

In all the preparations, nothing could’ve was prepared us for the pandemic that followed because despite seeing the trail of casualties in China and our neighbours in Europe it came in like a Tsumani. What came next rocked our healthcare system both here in The UK and back home, seeing it all unfold had us all on the edge seats and at times sent shivers down my spine. After awhile, watching the news and all the updates for me became a bit depressing and unbearable as so many lives were touched by Covid and not always in a good way. It all made me so mindful, it made me grateful, I thanked God for the survivors and prayed for the families who lost loved ones.

The past 12 months was the first time we were ALL forced to step away from the busyness of our lives, 2020 definitely did not turn out the way any of us expected but through it all it was indeed a learning experience. Whether its personal discoveries revelations about ourselves, revelations about our families and friends we had lots of time to reflect on what’s important in our lives during various lockdowns. Coming out of this pandemic, we will never be the same person we were going in, we’re coming out stronger!


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©Etta  D. Richards

9 thoughts on “The Year Our World Changed

  1. None of us could really prepare emotionally for this, certainly not for the great toilet paper shortage! At least I now know! 😬😁

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      1. I’ve been meaning to say that I can’t get to your website by clicking the link next to your name. I always have to go to your profile, then click the link there. Wish I could post a screen shot here of what I’m mean
        . 😦

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      2. I have no idea why that is! As far as I know I have enabled everything I can for easy access. WordPress can be a mystery sometimes! 😕 I’m glad you took the time to let me know!

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    1. I know what you mean, I feel the same way. And life as we knew it before will never be the same. I think each decade brings with it some sort of change, looking back thru history at the world wars, and most recent 9/11 in America. Makes you wonder, how many more is there to come!

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