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Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.
-Omar Khayyam

Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow for us here, I’m often a Scrooge about having to change my clocks, spring forward, fall back always made me miserable because just as my body gets used to the way things are, it changes. This year I’m not going to be a Scrooge about it. Last year taught me some valuable lessons in appreciation as the simple liberties in life were stripped away from us almost overnight, this year have taught me an even bigger lesson in not only appreciation but in gratitude, happiness, love and family! I’ve learned that in even the darkest moments there is cause to be grateful and find happiness in the most simple acts. Many people think happiness is something unattainable to them, that life has to be going grand in order for them to attain happiness. I often felt an internal fear that the happiness I felt today would bring some sorrow for me tomorrow because of that, a lot of my days were spent worrying. Worrying of the simple hint of joy robbed me of so many happy moments.

Over time I had to shift my thoughts and get rid of the old paradigm that happiness was always followed by sadness and through finding a little happiness in each day, grew into my being able to find greater moments of happiness in the long term. There will be moments when someone throws you into a tailspin by doing something to disappoint you, make you angry or sad, as like goes this is inevitable but you don’ have to remain in that moment. You can be pissed off, disappointed, sad without letting those emotions fester because they grow like weeds and they grow, their roots are planted deeper and deeper into your soul. Before you know it, you’re stuck on that emotional roller coaster!

I’m not here to tell you that life is fully of sunshine and roses or everyday is going to be all lollipops and sunshine. What I will tell you, if you ever find yourself stuck on that roller coaster of emotional turmoil and think there is nothing to be happy about, think again! When life gave you a 1000 reasons to not be happy, here are 5 reasons why you should.

eing alive, right here, right now should be enough to make you happy but if it’s not.

Knowing you can start over. It’s not always easy but it’s not impossible.

Finding Love. Whether you’re in love, looking for love, loving your kids, yourself, your family! Love is always out there. 

Everything in this world is temporary! Every hurt, every pain, every dark cloud because  there’s always sunshine after the rain.

The world needs you! It needs your creativity, your empathy, your talents, your beauty, your happiness and joy!


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One thought on “Find Your 5 Reasons To Be Happy

  1. “ I often felt an internal fear that the happiness I felt today would bring some sorrow for me tomorrow because of that, a lot of my days were spent worrying. Worrying of the simple hint of joy robbed me of so many happy moments.”

    I can relate to this, completely! I spent years worrying, trying to always figure out what might possibly happen so I could prepare myself for it. 95% of all that never happened!

    So I learned to drop my expectations and my fears and embrace the flow, for I discovered a truth I believe we all discover at some point: we each have the ability to meet whatever happens with the skills and abilities inside of us, and we usually surprise ourselves with what we’re able to do!!

    Happiness can be developed!

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