Even The Best Laid Plans Fall Apart

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The best laid plans, even the ones perfectly sketched and ready for print, are sometimes scribbled over. Be prepared, with extra paper and pencils, so you can start your drawing over again.
Christine E. Szymanski

This week someone reminded me that even the best laid plans fall apart, the key is not to fall a part with them. But I knew this! So why do I still rise to a vibration of falling completely asunder when plans fail? It’s easy to become overwhelmed when trying to find all the hacks and tricks to help you to achieve something, then human mature steps in and we allow frustration to anchor us in that moment of defeat and disappointment. Not to discourage you, but as I was reminded, even with a plan, success is not guaranteed and though you maybe aware of this, each time a things don’t go as plan our nature is to pause, question our motives and wallow in defeat. The great news is, you really don’t need a grandiose plan to succeed in anything. All you need is the motivation to hit the restart button on that goal you’ve set out for yourself when plans fail.

There are ways to move forward in anything without an overly complicated master plan:

Search for the good: There is always a good in every situation, find those good pieces, then add those aspect to your Plan B, C or whichever letter of the alphabet you’re on.

Do your research: First decide on what it is you want, then sacrifice the time to research how to achieve it. Don’t use lockdown as an excuse, become friends with Google, everything is at your fingers tips and in the comfort of your home. Be willing to spend just as much time doing research as you do planning.

Keep a balance of focus and open-mindedness: In pursuing anything, you need to keep an open mind, flexibility is not necessary and whatever uncertainty come your way should be embraced. Setbacks will only help you move forward, don’t get stuck on the negative.

Check in with yourself regularly and ask yourself if you are where you want to be and/or what else you can do to change that.

Understand what you want and why you want it: Sometimes we just want something for the sake of having it but we want it/them without any rhyme or reason. However, more often than not deep within us, there’s a valid reason why we want that thing. Sometimes is overshadowed by our wanting, our planning or events in our lives. But the reason is there.

Understanding what is driving you to want that job, that person, that life, is what will propel you closer to it. This defining reason of desire makes that which you desire more real and will attract the things in your life to help you get it. Or at the very least, push you closer to that which you desire.


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