21 Day Mindful Meditation- Day 2

Day 2! 💵 Welcome back!!

Know that everything is designed for a particular purpose – each phrase, mantra, meditation, and task was carefully curated.

When you see the task of the day, try not to judge it.

Ask yourself to be curious.

What will this task reveal to me? If I feel resistance, why?

Why might this be triggering me?

What can I learn through the experience?

There is so much value in reflecting on your reactions and answers.

Remember to be kind to yourself!

Some tasks will seem “easy” and you will want to do them quickly; others — not so much.

Trust the process and go with it! The outcome of the 21-day journey will be profound if you do. Stay with it! May the energy of abundance of this wonderful group continue to grow and fill us all!

✨✨DAY 2✨✨

PHRASE OF THE DAY Write this phrase of the day in your notebook and reflect on it throughout the day.

“I create my personal abundance from an infinite source.”


This is the Mantra you will repeat during meditation: “Aham Brahmasmi”



Again, it will seem simple to some people, yet not to others. Remember that if it is difficult for you to perform any task, then it is clear that there is a block – an obstacle in your mind on the path towards attaining abundance.

Be aware of this and STICK with it!

1) Please write all of your debts in your notebook: debt on a bank account, credit cards, loans, debts to individuals, court debts – all of your debts, of any kind. No need to record the amount, only to whom and for what.

For example: a mortgage, a car loan, a debt to VISA for a gift to Joey, etc.

2) After that, make a list of all your monthly payments.

Again, without numbers, just listing.

For example: renting an apartment, electricity, gas, land tax, water, an accountant, a school payment, a music tutor, a gym membership, a manicure, insurance, a massage, gasoline, etc.

Everything you have to pay each month should be recorded.

In general, create a complete list of all of your monthly expenses, both constant and changing.

For some, this list will be extensive.

Give yourself time to calmly walk through all the areas of your life in which you pay money.

You may need to add what you remember even throughout the day.

Do your best.

3) Answer the question, “What does abundance mean to you?” Write any thoughts in your notebook.