21 Day Mindful Meditation- Day 3

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Welcome to DAY 3! 🥰 Congratulate yourself for sticking with it!

I hope that you are finding a sense of grounding and gratitude in these practices. I can honestly say that for me, this has re-confirmed my beliefs and reminded me about everyday gratitude.

That we live in a world of abundance and humanity, it is up to us to make that a part of our reality. From the simplest of gratuity for the air I breathe, for the love and support of people in my life and the infinite possibilities that the universe offers.

I trust that you have joined this 21-day challenge for a reason. What a lovely gift you are giving yourself!

I start each morning with the mediation and the practice, set my intention for the day and take a moment to center myself for the work ahead.

Throughout the day, I come back to the Phrase of the Day, look at my manifestation book (like a vision board) and remind myself of my ultimate goals. It really does help release the control that one grasps in certain moments and to allow oneself to go to with the flow.

I invite you to have fun with today’s task!
Take this opportunity to be light, be silly, let loose your inner child. Have a blessed day!❣️

✨✨DAY 3✨✨


Write this phrase of the day in your notebook and reflect on it throughout the day. “Today I focus on what I want to attract into my life.”


This is the Mantra you will repeat during meditation: “Sat Chit Ananda”



Draw notes, checks, stocks, bonds, coins, and any other means of payment in your beautiful notebook – to pay off all the debts and expenses you wrote down yesterday.

Just go crazy doing what makes you comfortable!!

You have complete freedom to create and draw a solution; whatever that means to you.We use this drawing exercise in order to make it possible to pay for everything you need in the universe!

Use your imagination, your creativity, and felt-tip pens, pencils or paints, etc. Get playful!

You can draw bills💴💴, coins, wads of money💵, bags of money💰💰, rain of money💶💷💶💷 – whatever you dream up! There are no limitations!! Draw what true abundance looks and feels like to you. Your personal visions sketched out.

It does not have to be literal. Remember, this is not about a perfect drawing, but about allowing yourself to create your reality and let it manifest into your life.

While you are busy designing and colouring, feel the satisfaction of creating a balance between debts and expenses and the means of payment that you create – as if it were a real payment of your expenses and debts.

How will you bring your gifts? What are your dreams?

Have fun creating your image of Abundance and may your heart overflow!