21 Day Mindful Meditation- Day 6

DAY 6!  🌈Welcome and Congratulations to any of you that felt led to create your own abundance group!

If it was a “NO” to start your own group. That’s perfectly ok. This blog will always be open if you decide to do it later. No judgement on whatever you decided to do.

Thank you for still being here. This practice is meant to be enjoyed and to be of benefit to you without pressure. Remember if at any time you decide to end the journey, please feel free to do so without judgement to self. We’re all at a different place in our lives right now!

If you have decided to start your group here are a few tips.

✅schedule the days ahead of time, using my copy and editing it for your own voice (or not!)

✅ set it to go out automatically in the morning to make the running of your group as efficient as possible (after you paste or write your copy, look for a button next to ‘post’ that says ‘schedule’ and you’ll be all set).

✅ intros are optional – If you choose to do an intro, here’s where you can make it your voice and style or use what is written.

✅Please keep the core lessons, tasks, mantras, and audio recordings as they are, just updating the due dates as appropriate. After a couple of days, you will be in the flow with ease. It will be another source of satisfaction and awareness for you!

✅Again, if you have questions about operating your group, please private message me.

✨✨Now let’s continue on with DAY 6✨✨

Today’s task is the longest in our journey and likely the most writing you’ll be doing in this process. I believe there is magic when we transfer thoughts onto paper it makes your desires more tangible.

You will need some time but don’t worry if you can’t finish it in one sitting, do the tasks in steps. You can start in the morning and work on it throughout the day! 😊

Before starting, sit comfortably; relax, inhale and then exhaling several times slowly and deeply through the nose.

As a reminder, one can experience discomfort and/or resistance to some tasks, and it is completely fine and normal!

This journey highlights our blocks and negative programming clearly so that we can see what is stopping us from living the abundant life that we both deserve and desire.

Know that you are all doing amazing work; keep the momentum going! Abundance is about more than just money, yet our relationship with money is too often a blockage to abundance. With abundance, comes the opportunity to share your “wealth” with others.

With abundance comes peace of mind. I invite you to keep your mind open to the meaning of this exercise.


This is the Sanskrit Mantra you will repeat during meditation:
“Ram… ram… ram…”

📘Write this phrase of the day in your notebook and reflect on it throughout the day.“Everything I desire is within me!”


✍️Part 1: Write the following statement 6 times in your notebook by hand. If you have questions about the phrasing, reach out to me personally.

🎤Part 2: Record yourself reading this statement with soul, expression and sense of attachment (i.e., with sincerity… on audio or video).

STATEMENT❣️“I, (full name), am starting a new relationship with money today.

💷Money is good, useful, pure and necessary for my prosperity and growth; for my satisfaction and abundance.

💷Money brings positive things to my life. The success I experience in life brings me financial rewards and happiness, for me and my loved ones. I deserve to be prosperous and have money in abundance.

💷Money is my friend and the value of my investments is growing every day.

💷Success and money accompany me, here and now.

⭐️I ask my parents, grandparents, and ancestors back to the very origins of my family, who had difficulties due to lack of money, to bless me as I choose to live differently.

⭐️And “I ask all my prosperous forebearers, to inspire me to live in abundance and prosperity.”

✨✨Have an amazing day!! ✨✨