21 Day Mindful Meditation- Day 7

WELCOME TO DAY 7!  ☀️Congratulations on your continued commitment to cultivating abundance.

I would like to express my gratitude to anyone who is still on this journey. Even if you are not on this journey, I express gratitude to you for visiting my blog.

I commend your courage, dedication and commitment to breaking through barriers by sticking with it!I once read that nothing happens by accident when your soul gets involved.

Perhaps that’s the difference between serendipity (a “pleasant surprise”) and synchronicity (“meaningful coincidences”).

The more we delve into our unique and beautiful souls, the more we will experience synchronicity vibrations which will indicate to us that know we’re on our true path.

All we have to do is show up and show out in a way that allows us to learn from or experiences, to move through it and to really feel what we need to feel to enhance our personal growth. As Deepak Chopra indicates in this meditation segment mind matter and spirit work together to manifest abundance and that our source of abundance is unlimited and eternal.

Continue to live in Gratitude and Abundance🥰


“I use my conscious intention to manifest my dreams”Write this phrase of the day in your notebook and reflect on it throughout the day.



This is the Sanskrit Mantra you will repeat during meditation: Sat Chit Ananda


Create a list of people that make you feel uncomfortable. This might include people from the list of the first day, i.e. those who have pushed you to grow and have brought something meaningful to your life.

Here, we are talking about the energy of discomfort.

It can be your relatives or people who are now far from you.

Your litmus test here is a feeling of discomfort, “I feel uncomfortable”Include the person even if you only feel, occasionally, uncomfortable with communicating with this person.

For example, it can be neighbours, employees, bosses, family members, members of the government.

Remember that these people may trigger you, and at the same time, may also be your teachers or mentors.

Examples: I included on my list former bosses. One made me feel uncomfortable because she was always pushing me in terms of expanding my knowledge and skills. Hindsight, she saw my potential when I didn’t. The other made me uncomfortable because in a toxic way she was always very critical of my work and never encouraged growth of any kind. Both made me feel discomfort but in different ways.


Congratulations-Week 1 Done!

🥳 You have completed the first week of your journey to Growth, Gratitude and Abundance.

In honouring you and making this as effortless as possible, I’m encouraging you to be graceful to yourself if you “fall behind” in any of the lessons, you can always come back to them.

Remember this is not a race! I am lucky enough to be able to take advantage of my mornings, it’s quiet and I have the entire day to take the message with me. For you it may be afternoons or evenings, we are all on our own timing, choose a time of day that works best for you. I am always here for you and I don’t want any of you to be discouraged or quit because you feel as if you can’t “keep up.”

❣️During this time life is challenging enough for all of us, there are still things that keep us busy, thoughts that may invade our space. Being mindful of this, so don’t be worried about the due date, I will leave lessons open for any day. Remember to always honour your feelings without judgement to yourself! 💫 Namaste