21 Day Mindful Meditation -Day 10

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“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
~Oscar Wilde

What is it that makes a life? Are you choosing the life you are meant to live?

Even amidst the Chaos, we are invited with full consciousness to play in that field of glorious possibilities. Imagine making it to such a field, lying down and not recognizing the beauty and splendour that surrounds you, moving through that field without any awareness or gratitude for what it offers.

Now flip the script and imagine how empowering it is to gain awareness to know that every decision you make or have made will lead you to the life you truly want and deserve.

Throughout your lives, even when you have made the decision to not do something, you made a choice. If you came to a fork in the road and decided to stay in the middle, you have made that choice. So why no decision beneficial to your wellbeing? Choose to live without comparison, don’t compare yourself to others, instead compare yourself to your OWN vision of what makes a life and hold onto that consciousness. I really love this reflection today on the Law of Karma and conscious decision-making.


📘Write this in your journal. Keep this in mind today, remembering and saying it often during the day. “Today I make great choices because they are made with full awareness.“

Start as early as possible so there is more opportunity to repeat this phrase throughout the day.


This is the Sanskrit Mantra you will repeat during meditation: Om Kriam Nama


🔈TASK – Part I

Listen to today’s meditation at least three times, for it discusses the Law of Karma or conscious decision-making. In this, we see how we can bring much more good into our lives by making the “right” choices.When you make any choice, you may ask yourself: how will this choice bring more happiness and more abundance to my life and those around me?Having asked this question, shift your attention to the heart, and the answer will immediately become clear.

By practising conscious decision-making in this way, you will learn to observe your thoughts and make decisions that are more favourable to you.

✍️Write your answers to the following questions in your journal:

Question 1: How do you make decisions?

Question 2: How have your decisions affected your life?

Question 3: How can you make a more conscious choice?

I suggest sitting with them a few minutes in meditation, deeply listening to your inner response before writing down your answers.

❣️TASK – Part II

From yesterday’s list of shortcomings, choose two things that limit you.

Establish a program for yourself by writing down at least two specific daily actions that “remedy” the shortcoming, reduce its deficiency, or realize that there is a plus side to this trait and start using it to your advantage.

Afterwards, immediately begin to act on your program.

For example: if one of your flaws is being “ungrateful” or “complaining,” you can establish a daily journaling habit of writing down all that you’re grateful for — and immediately start by listing what you are grateful for right now!

🙏I am so happy and grateful that you have made a conscious decision to continue on this journey with me!