Law Of The Universe: You Get Out, What You Put In

The power of the Word makes us creators. The things you think today may not materialize next week, but they come back. Every definitely formulated thought is an order that you send into the future, unless you over take it with a denial. But it is much easier to speak the Word in the mind than to overtake it and cancel it in the mind. If you spill coffee, you can get the stain out of the cloth, but it is easier to avoid spilling your coffee in the first place than to remove the spot afterward. Remember that you get out of life just what you put into it. The law of the universe is, “Nothing for nothing.” You get out of religion what you put into it. If you put in five percent, you get five percent dividend; if you put in thirty percent, you get a thirty percent dividend; and if you put in one hundred percent, you get a one hundred percent demonstration.

~Emmet Fox (Take Your Thinking in Hand)