Why Choosing Your Struggle is So Important

“When nothing goes right, you have to face forward and take it on head first.”
― Kyo Shirodaira

The changing leaves and crisp days of October makes it seem like ages since I enjoyed the warm rays of the August sun stinging my face. We’ve had a pretty good Summer for Scotland and it has left me to wonder, what it will cost us later. My youngest and I always joke that if we had a nice day, we’ll pay for it later because most certainly there’ll be a few days of rain following. The same goes for Summer, if we were blessed with a beautiful Summer, we knew that Winter was not going to be kind. Enduring the temperamental seasons of Scotland, I’ve learned not to complain about the weather, Scotland’s weather can sometimes be unforgiving, and do make me long for the white sandy beaches and warm sunshine of back home. But when I think about the brutality of  Hurricane season, I realise we do pay for paradise. Like everything in life, we have to choose our struggle. I can either struggle in the snow or struggle through a Hurricane, most of which was gotten more ferocious with the passing years. Life is about choosing our struggle.

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