Acting on Survival Instead of Impulse

Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you’re worthy of the trip.”
― Glenn Beck

I’ve often heard motivational speakers and many life coach speak about their ‘low’ points as their turning point for success. They speak as if you HAVE hit rock bottom to realize your potential. We’ve all heard that tea bag proverb, where you really don’t know how strong you are, until you’re in hot water! Well I don’t fully agree with this, I think you have to be in hot water to reach your FULL potential until. And you don’t have to hit that low point to become successful, though it does help because when you have nothing to lose you tend to risk it all. You act on survival instead of impulse.

When you’re on top you feel that you have the world at you feet, of course you want to maintain that but your mind has hit its peak so you’re just working to maintain that balance at the top. A man on the street selling coconuts, his mind is always thirsty for more, more ways to sell his coconuts to make more money, more ways to better his conditions, he aspires to do more to have more. The man who is living in his Penthouse has a different thirst, his is that of luxury, style and maintaining his status. This is why there are many successful business persons and companies out there seeking fresh minds to bring them new ideas.

Whether you’ve hit your low or you’re riding that high. It’s not the lack of things that hinders success, or prevents you from maintaining that success. It’s the lack of awareness that prevents you from striving for something greater or holding on to that greatness once you’ve achieved it. The lack of awareness of our own worth; the lacking of self-worth and not knowing, feeling, and understanding that the ‘low’ allows your mind to open to new and better possibilities. Instead of just living the basic, you feed that thirst for something better, thus gaining momentum to better your conditions, enrich your live and become a success in whatever you do.


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