Creating Worthwhile Commitments to Yourself

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Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose – and commit myself to – what is best for me.”
― Paulo Coelho

Dedication is something we think little about because it comes as second nature when we choose to dedicate our time to our work, our families and our friends. We make commitments to be that listening ear to anyone who needs it, to always get the job done and to take care our family to keep safe and happy. But how committed are you to you? When any of us think of commitments it’s often towards something external, never internal. How much time is spent committing to things which makes us happy? We have become so self-absorbed in the movement of self-love, we think that’s all there is. ” I love myself and that’s enough.”  That’s it, end of story!

We have all been indoctrinated in the phrase, “you have to love yourself first before you can love others.” While there is some truth to this, true commitment goes beyond self-love. It transcends to Self-Care, Self- Acceptance, Self-Fulfilment…….It goes beyond that new year’s resolution to get in shape or that promise to that diet no matter what. Commitments should be lifelong goals, they don’t end on December 25th, commitments are more about lifestyle changes than lifestyle quick fixes. When you choose to love yourself, it should be for life, not when you’ve reached your target weight or when you’ve gotten rid of that spare tyre around your tummy. 

For a long time, I hated my body because it was constantly changing, leaving me in a constant battle to stay thin. It began changing in high school, then changed again after the birth of my first child, then again after my second, over the years it’s changed so many times, I just had to learn self-acceptance and to accept my body for what it was. Instead of forcing my body to stay 16year-old thin, I made a commitment to make lifestyle changes to keep my body healthy, whole and happy. 

I’m an advocate for Self-Care I believe it is the greatest commitment that promotes good health, wellbeing, mental wellness and stability in one’s life. However, not to sound like a hypocrite; it’s been a long time since I’ve indulged myself. But, this year I plan to get things back on track. I’ve listed three holidays on my to-do list with lots of dates throughout the year.  Even if life gives me a hundred and one reasons why I can’t spend a weekend on the Isle of Skye or take that road trip to somewhere up North. I will be taking a Holiday outside the boundaries of my home this year. I will keep up with my medical check-ups, stay committed to my journey to wellness. When your momentum is doused with disappointment, remember why you made those pledges to yourself in the first place. Make it personal.  

Choosing life goals is a surefire way to Self- fulfilment because it becomes your personal achievement(s), it’s not someone else’s achievement. When you set goals important to you, whether you achieve, all of them, a few or just one of them, it brings self-gratification and personal achievement. Compared to cumulative goals of society, family or carer obligations, these achievements are something you can look back on and say I did that!  Like everything consistent, personal fulfilment becomes an ongoing journey for you. 

Pinned Message: Now that you’ve given so much of your energy to make things right and keep things with everyone within your world, your friends and family, given all your energy to fulfilling your commitment to getting the job. Isn’t it time you step back a little and put your energy into creating worthwhile commitments to yourself?


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©Etta  D. Richards


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