Hold The Faith and Guard Your Thoughts

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Do not come into agreement with fear. Activate your faith, live in victory, speak over your life and expect great things to come your way.
― Germany Kent

Keeping the faith during tough times can be difficult, even the firmest believers have their test of Faith many times during their lives.  During times of trials, we question everything, our existence, our purpose and our conscious self. Consciousness and Faith are two sides of the same coin, one is the determining factor of how well the other works. Faith reflects the quality of our conscious being. Some are alienated by the word faith because it signifies the acknowledgement of someone higher than themselves having control. It signifies the exitance of God! This is by no means a lesson on Religion, it’s far from it. It’s a lesson on finding your place, purpose and spirituality!

Believing in the exitance of God means putting yourself in the hands of someone unseen to the human eye. It takes away our control and says your fate is in the hands of someone else. The past few years have given me a higher meaning of the exitance of God. Growing up in a predominately Religious Society, one might say it was inevitable not to believe in God. However, a Religious Society does not always lend the way to faith. That is something that has to be nurtured on its own. We each have to find our own falk of faith, we each have to seek who  God is for ourselves. It’s a personal choice, not a choice that should be made for you. If you like what you find, Great! Continue your journey with him. If you don’t, that’s fine too. Continue your journey without him and decide if you find your journey better with or without him.  Know this though, the closer you come to fulfilling your purpose, the harder your journey will become and yes you will also question the existence of God because there will be many tests and trials along the way once you decide to talk up your walk with him.  But the best part is, that you will not be walking alone. 

Faith which is reflected and determined by consciousness is the seed of all of creation in the physical world. However, it is non-physical in nature. It cannot be seen or heard. It is a spiritual one. Faith is determined at the level of thought.  What you believe in, and what you believe will happen or not happen in your life determines the level and quality of faith that you hold and as a result project which determines what will be experienced in your life at some point.

You can have no belief, in a higher power. You can believe that the universe moves according to our physical thought process. You can say I have no Faith, I create my own destiny. This is true, we are all creators because of that spirit of power we possess. That spirit guides our thoughts, our well-being, and our emotions and it is important to know the right spirit, as there are also evil or bad spirits. These are spirits of doubt, harmful self-talk, the spirit of self-destruction, despair and dismay. None of these comes from God who determines our place and purpose. Once you learn to recognise the true spirit that breaths life into all beings, alone it becomes a daily struggle to hold on to it. Faith helps us through the struggles. Looking at it from a different perspective,  you can plant a seed based on the intentions of producing something like healing,  better finances, or a new job. But if you make a choice to poison that seed (faith), nothing will grow because you killed the seed you’ve planted through doubt. You can’t ask for these things and then sit thinking these things are not possible to me.  When evil doubt creeps in, you have to hold your faith and guard your thoughts Trusting God is a process that leaves no place for doubt. 

You may say, I am not a spiritual or religious person. Think about this. Even the agnostic, and the atheists have faith, each time they go to bed at night, they have faith that they will awaken the next morning. Why?  Because they feel that they have a place and purpose in this world, their faith is what drives them to take their place and fulfil their purpose, For we walk by faith and not by sight… 2 Corinthians 5:7 ESV


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