Why Some People Cling To Pain

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Let go. Why do you cling to pain? There is nothing you can do about the wrongs of yesterday. It is not yours to judge. Why hold on to the very thing which keeps you from hope and love?— Leo Buscaglia

The human mind is your most powerful possession. It’s also one of the most difficult things to control. It takes dedication, practice, and commitment to harness the mind, to control your feelings and your thoughts. But once you do, life becomes so much better, it may still be difficult because you can’t control the minds of people around you or certain situations in life but you can live a better life when you learn to control your minds to a point where you become more conscious of your thoughts. 

Those thoughts that play over and over in your minds more often than not are the negative, painful ones. Memories you refuse to let go of because the pain brings you some toxic comfort! Subconsciously those memories remain with you until you experience some trigger that pulls them back to the surface, then they become so overwhelming, that the wounds become as fresh as they were when they were brand new then that hurt pinches at your soul again. Stirring up resentment, frustration, sadness and hate, trapping your mind in a vicious cycle of hurt, over and over. Holding on to the pain of yesterday prevents you from enjoying life in the moment, But it can be hard for most people to get past this because, it can be difficult to release, forget and move on when you’ve been hurt by people you trust or someone you love. This makes burying the hurt and betrayal that much more difficult.

To cope with the resurgence of pain that constantly invades your thoughts you must………..

  1. Avoid the triggers that are constant reminders of that painful experience.
  2. Accept the hurt, acknowledge the pain………Remember, what you resist persists! Resisting will only bring this hurt back to you time and time again. A huge part of acceptance and acknowledgement is speaking about the situation. Many people prefer to bury a painful experience, hoping it will go away, rather than acknowledge it for what it is.
  3. Release the hurt. Through acknowledgement and acceptance, you can take the first steps in moving past that experience. The pain of yesterday won’t matter, today is all that matters, walk in your joy today with no thoughts of what tomorrow will look like.
  4. Forgive, Forgive, Forgive!! If you have forgiven that person who hurt you, do just that, forgiveness means that resentment, that anger and all the animosity have all been cast in the sea of forgetfulness.

You can also find that some people hold on to their pain like a security blanket because they enjoy the attention they get by being the victim. But in order to have a rich life, you have to let go of the pain.  Now imagine a life without the past constantly invading the future. Imagine a mind filled with peace, clarity, and joy, along with peaceful thoughts. A mind that buries those painful memories, burning them like ash. You must have a true desire to release the hurt, the pain and personal suffering, in order to achieve this, you owe this to yourself. In order to create an empowering future for yourself requires you to heal the past.  Be mindful that the process of releasing your pain calls for an inner promise to choose the peace, happiness and freedom you deserve. If you can do this, the healing process would take root in your unconscious mind making it easier to get out of that mental prison. and to have healthier relationships because the longer you hold on to that hurt, the longer your healing process. The process of healing is not only for yourself but also for those you choose to share your life with.

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