Draging Yourself Back From Burnout to Burning Bright

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It is true that even when exhausted you still are providing something to those you serve. But you are out of touch with your deepest strengths, role-modelling self-destructive behaviour, martyring yourself, and giving others cause for guilt.
― Elaine N. Aron

We all know how is it to just ‘give up!’  It’s easy to just say I’m done, and stay down when life knocks you down. That comfort zone of despair feels so much better than facing what knocked you down, that thing that brought you to your proverbial knees. That loss, that heartbreak, the exhaustion of trying to get by, the disappointments!  Any and all of these things can knock you off your feet, and beat you down so hard you don’t know if you’ll ever get back up. But as hard as it may seem to find the strength to move on, you have to.  So often folk decide to stay down, they feel safe in that comfort zone. The heartbreak of a relationship ending, you wallow in self-pity and that comfort zone seems safe. You lose your job, you’re definitely in a tailspin because you’ve given your dedication to it and now it’s gone and you wonder ‘how I can come back from this?’  The anxiety of the future can be crippling. The exhaustion of just surviving it all leads to BURN OUT! I know you’re tired! I know you’re afraid! I know the uncertainty of it all can be crippling!  

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