Prayer has the Power to Bring Change

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We’ve just celebrated the last week of the year, and each year we’re always hoping the coming year is better than the last, only to find out that the new year comes with its own challenges. It’s customary back home to ring in the new year in Church, in one of the ‘watch-night services,’ where we prayed for Good Health, Wealth, Prosperity,  and all those good stuff we want in our lives.  That’s just one tradition that has become a casualty of moving, to be honest, not sure I can still stay up that late anymore.  So many traditions have been lost over the years but I’ve learned to make new ones, and through ringing in the New Year with prayer and thanksgiving, I’ve learned that I can do this anytime, anywhere because prayer has the unwavering power to bring change. It may not always be the change we’re looking for but change will come!