Life is About Inventing and Reinventing Yourself

As you reinvent your life endlessly you should open your minds to the infinite possibilities that do exist.
― Steven Redhead

I’m sitting in my living room and looking at my Christmas tree so nicely decorated with an assortment of store-bought and handmade ornaments. The tiny lights seem to give a magical glow against the darkness of the night sky outside. I know it’s the 5th of January and Christmas is gone but I’m going to enjoy my tree for just a few more days.  Charles Dickens said, “Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind,” It may be the 5th of January but I’m still in the Christmas frame of mind, minus the dinner and festivities.  Each year brings with it, challenges, expectations, disappointments, and revelations, and 2022 was no different so I do each year, I’m holding on to the Christmas spirit for as long as I can. 

Despite the challenges of the past year, there were also lessons learned and mountains to climb.  Some lessons were painful, some mountains were high, and at times they seems a little beyond my reach. But I made it, with a new me emerging. How many times do butterflies change their wings, it seems that I’ve changed mine over a dozen times now and anticipate more changes to come. That’s what life is, inventing and reinventing yourself to cope with all the challenges. As I reflect on the old year, I’m carrying with me into the new year some tough things that were difficult but definitely necessary for my evolution.

  1. God doesn’t always give you what you prayed for, but he does give lessons, he gives you what you need to grow and what you need to learn to fall in love with yourself.  Always live in constant gratitude for each day you are gifted, and be thankful for your family, friends, and all that you possess. These are all gifts from God.
  2. When you really pay attention, to what life is trying to teach you, everything begins to make perfect sense, even the most mundane task seems necessary. But in order to recognize this, you have to stop talking, instead, you have to listen, pay attention and observe what life is trying to teach you. Nothing happens to us by chance.
  3. You will get your best lessons from your most painful challenges. Trust me on this. Every difficult situation you face will give birth to a new you because it’s through those circumstances that you will learn to understand and improve yourself.
  4. Our stress is self-inflicted. Each time you go that extra mile, give in to those demands or remain in that relationship you so desperately need to walk away from, you’re creating stress. You’re inflicting unnecessary strain on your soul.
  5. Learn that your mind has a mind of its own and will always return negative thoughts to you. You have to learn to control your thoughts or they will control you. Shutting down negative thoughts is impossible because our minds are constantly going. The key is in your response to those negative thoughts.  The goal is to change how your respond to negativity. Look for something positive in every situation. Even on the darkest days, the sun is shining above those dark clouds.
  6. Life will knock you down and kick you while you’re down. It will rob you of all you love and hold dear, but will also give you things you never imagined. Life will force you to grow in ways you never thought possible and give you the strength you never knew you had.

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