The Things Worth Fighting For

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The things that are worth fighting for are never easy, but that doesn’t mean we give up.

― Lilly James,

I have been through many rough patches in my life and have always found a way to make it through. The highs and the lows have a tendency to push reality right in your face, up close and personal. Each time it seemed easier to just give up than to fight, then I had to ask myself, “is what I’m giving up worth fighting for?” I don’t want to find myself, months, or even years from now, looking back and wishing I had not given up or thinking, “it wasn’t worth the fight!”  Making life-changing decision sometimes have to be decided at the drop of a hat. In that instant we have to decide, “do we put in the effort or walk away?” Whether you believe so or not, everything in life requires a certain amount of effort on our part, but we also have to first determine if those things are worth the effort! 

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