Just Do It!


GYM for the Mind: Starting something new is always going to feel hard because you’re so used to building bad habits and now you want to switch to good habits, it’s hard! People don’t stick to their goals for the same reason they don’t stick to working out. It’s too hard! But what they don’t know, working towards your goals gets easier as you to work towards them, just like a 10lb weight becomes easier to lift the more you workout 

Nike says just do it! I say don’t just do it! Stick to it! Not saying it’s going to be easy, but it’s going to worth it in the end!



Let Go Of Things You Do Not Want


“Have a definite plan. It is not spiritual to be vague or to muddle along indefinitely. Do not allow other people to waste your time. Do not hold onto things you do not want. Order is Heaven’s first Law.”   ~Emmet Fox

Remove The Negatives From Your Mind


“It is only when you rid your mind of negative feelings that you will begin to demonstrate the things that you really desire.” ~ Emmet Fox

What Fruits Are You Reaping?


“We are continually reaping the fruits of our words. Our words of today are our world of tomorrow.” ~Emmet Fox

Creating A New Story


Step out of history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.

~Oprah Winfrey

Like Attracts Like!


“Nothing can come into your experience unless it first enters your mentality, and nothing can enter your mentality unless it there finds something like itself to which it can attach itself.” ~Emmet Fox

Don’t Take Your Troubles To Bed


The habit of going to sleep every night with all sorts of thoughts in mind is the principal cause of the continuous mingling of good and evil in the life of the average person. The troubles and the worries of the day are taken into the subconscious at night, along with those thoughts and feelings that have better things in view, and the subconscious, consequently, continues to work for more good things on the one hand and for more troubles and worries on the other.  ~Christian D. Larson