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Have had a few followers asking how they can contact me, well now you can!  I’ve added a new page just for this purpose and you can find it in the menu above

I write about topics that I hope will be of interest to my followers or anyone visiting my blog. Everything that I share with you was first inspired and conceived through my own personal experiences, the people I’ve met and articles I’ve in print and on the web.

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Wellness Wednesday


“Remain flexible when you are working towards your goal. In times of rapid change, all of your best ideas can be contradicted by new information. Be willing to try different things. Be open to new inputs and ideas.”  ~ Brian Tracy

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Mid Life Crisis

I can identify with a few of these..LOL But don’t consider myself middle aged.

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Middle age is when you first suspect your body of betrayal..

Middle age is when everyone else suddenly becomes younger.

Middle age is when you refuse a senior discount because you’re not old enough.

Middle age is when you’d rather take a nap than go out on the town.

Middle age is when you realize there’s not much time left to worry about getting old.

Middle age is when you’ve already seen more than you want to — several times.

Middle age is when the opposite sex doesn’t seem quite as sexy anymore.

Middle age is when you notice how small the fine print is.

Middle age is when you’ve done it all, but can’t remember if you had fun doing it.

Middle age is when you get a sneaking suspicion that you might be mortal too.

Middle age is when it seems like there’s a lot more to remember…

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What Makes a Good Life? Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness | Robert Waldinger


“The trick is to enjoy life. Don’t wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead.”

~Marjorie Pay Hinckley

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I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past.

Strength is hard won. No one can buy it for you. Give it to you. Leave it for you in their will. Strength is built from challenge, from difficulty, from overcoming. When you deprive someone of life…

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Daredevils and Watery Silhouettes

Can you still remember when you were a do or die Dare Devil? At level of maturity we lose our nerves to do the things that once made our hearts race? 😉

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I’m not as much of a dare devil as I used to be.   I’ve been white water rafting, gone on the craziest theme park rides, cycled and trekked through mountains and explored so many amazing places but I’ll admit, in recent years I’ve become a bit of a scaredy cat.

Maybe it’s age.  Or is it maturity, parenthood and the knowledge that I’m responsible for others that’s made me cautious.  Mind you, I still enjoy new adventures and getting out of my comfort zone and I love being out on the water but some things I’ll leave to the pros.

20151227_205351 (800x600)

I remember trying to water ski many years ago when I first met my to-be husband (I couldn’t even swim back then) and realising pretty quickly that I wasn’t a natural.

But this guy was.  I took these photos at Lake Bonney in Barmera a couple of years ago.  The…

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5 Love Languages I Learnt From My Parents

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