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Goodbye September

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Today’s Inspiration


Today’s Inspiration

Meaningful Monday!

Looking back on our lives, we often find that the most significant, meaningful changes came from unexpected, unremarkable, or even un-welcomed sources. While we were busy planning the direction in which we thought our lives should go, something unplanned enters to steer us onto a new path that led to a destination that we could not possibly have imagined. Something that at first seemed to be a distraction, nuisance, or, perhaps, an outright disaster was, in retrospect, the best thing that could have happened. It shook us out of our routine, allowed for new possibilities to enter, and presented the opportunity to rise above our previous sense of how things should be, what we are capable of doing, and who we are. We now realize that without these uninvited events, we would have gone along on our regular, tired path, and none of these changes would have happened.

These events are gifts of grace, and whether we recognize them and decide to listen to their call or to reject these gifts, we are all helped along and re-directed in this way. The start of a new adventure takes on just such a path, taking us through a series of meaningful events and encounters with extraordinary people that could not possibly have have otherwise fallen onto our path.

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After spending 4 months in 7 countries I realized that today was the day when the dream I had been living in for 12 weeks had come to an end. After a time of pure freedom, amazing moments, meeting great people and just doing nothing I sadly found myself sitting in the plane back to Germany.

The best time of my life, I had been so excited about for months and working towards, was over now. Goodbye green palm trees, blue sea, loose clothing and fresh coconuts at the beach. No daily adventures and new exciting experiences any more.

Coming back home is the hardest thing about travelling

Well tanned and with swollen eyes (yes, I had shed some tears) I arrived in Germany: 10 degrees and rain. Welcome back! It was only April though. Actually that’s a pretty bad month to come back since it’s still dark, cold and grey. Better plan your return in May or even better in the middle of summer to avoid the nasty weather completely. The reintegration into your home is way easier and the difference to where you’re coming from is not that huge.

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