The Darker The Night, The Nearer The Dawn

When facing adversity, we may think we’ve reached our limit, but actually the more trying the circumstances, the closer we are to making a breakthrough. The darker the night, the nearer the dawn. Victory in life is decided by that last concentrated burst of energy filled with the resolve to win.
― Daisaku Ikeda


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the-strongest-people -are- not -those-who-show -strength-in- front-of-us-but-those-who-win-battles-we-know-nothing-about

Phenomenal Friday-The Chicken And The Eagle!

This is my submission to Debbie’s Forgiving Friday series, where she writes about and invite others to share their thoughts on Forgiveness, Self-Love and Personal Growth.
It’s the last Friday of the year! It snowed heavily in my neighbourhood this morning and it was a challenge to roll out of bed because I was a bit melancholy that Christmas came and went without a kiss goodbye to its favourite fan! It disappeared gently into the good night at the stroke of Mid-Night December 25th and now the wait begins. Continue reading “Phenomenal Friday-The Chicken And The Eagle!”

Meaningful Monday-Creating A Balanced Mind, Body and Spirit



“You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.”
~Stephen Richards

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Terrific Tuesday-Who Are You Associating With?

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“As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.”   ~Andrew Carnegie

I’ve always admired people who have managed to hold on to their success. Not only hold on to it but who were consistent in their success. In entertainment, people like Sydney Poiter and Oprah Winfrey. In business, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Andrew Carnegie and Jack Ma. In actually I think it’s honest to say I’m even fascinated by Andrew Carnegie the young Scot who emigrated to America with his parents and became a steel magnate .

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Vicious circle of failure vs. virtuous circle of success. You choose.

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Your thoughts drive your emotions. Every feeling or emotion you have, first starts with a thought or series of thoughts. Imagine you bought a Powerball ticket and are watching the drawing on TV. The first number comes up and it is a match. That’s nice. The second number comes up and it is a match. The third number is also a match. You start to feel excited. The fourth number is a match. You are at the edge of the seat and calling other people into the room. It goes on until you have matched all the numbers. That ticket is now worth $100,000,000! You scream. You dance around. You are happy, excited and maybe a little scared.

In reality, nothing has changed. Sure, tomorrow you get to go claim your millions but you don’t have it yet. Tonight nothing is different but you FEEL very different. What is causing…

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