‘Juice vs Sauce’

I love the analogy here.

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Hi guys,

You are probably all wondering what on earth this blog is about.. i promise you it is all going to make sense in a few moments. I was scrolling through my instagram a few days ago and i came across this one video, the video showed an employee in American store explaining to a customer the difference between ‘juice and sauce’, (i am going to insert the Youtube video below incase any of you are interested).

juice vs sauce

In this video he is basically explaining how juice is only temporary, he says that it is something that can come and go, he used the example of, if you keep a bottle of lemonade in your fridge, how long is that going to last you? a couple of days at the most (hence why lemonade (juice) is only temporary), he then goes on to compare this to sauce, he…

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Today’s Inspiration




I had it all wrong. (That is starting to be a theme in my year of self- examination…). I used to think that grit was just one thing and that someone with grit had only that to rely on. Like I said, I had it all wrong.

I have to come to realize that real grit is only something that you can observe over a long time of perseverance. It is watching a (or being the) person push a boulder (sometimes metaphorically, other times not) uphill without giving up as it slides with full force back on their shoulders over and over again. It’s watching that happen when it’s raining, and when the sun is shining and when it “wasn’t supposed to be like this”. I thought this was something done only by the unshaken; that people like that never tired, or gave up faith or had any doubt that…

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Live With Tenacity!


There is no masterplan to anything, all there is a dream, a vision and your tenacity to do the things people say you can’t!

~Yvette N. Treco

Blog Tips, Advice and Blogging Strategy – 4/7/16


Dream Big, Dream Often

I received an email last Saturday that didn’t sit well with me at first, but I have taken several days to process the criticism.  So today I am going to write about emailing other bloggers and what I consider appropriate.

To begin, the email criticized me on two levels: writing syntax and my casual tone (notably my use of “lol”), especially in the light of considering myself an “expert in self- improvement/life skills.”  I spent several days thinking about the email and suffice it to say, the criticisms still are not sitting well, namely because I didn’t ask for them.  The criticism was volunteered which still baffles me and feels like someone calling only to tell me my dog is ugly and hanging up.

There are many ways to respond to criticism, but I choose two responses.  First, I always thank the person for taking the time to express their…

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Today’s Inspiration