Awards Recognition……

I’ve decided to kill 9 birds with one stone (so to speak), and accept all the awards I was so generously nominated for by Rashmi. Thanksgiving is not a Holiday widely celebrated back in The Bahamas. Though in the past few years, there have been a lot of Bahamians adopting the American tradition of celebrating the  Holiday, with feast of Turkey, Ham and all the dressings and trimmings. Here in UK it’s not even mentioned, other than among American Expats. For me, I believe we should live a life of gratitude and  harmony, as such, EVERYDAY should be Thanksgiving!

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The Seal of Approval- Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated for The Seal of Approval Blogger Recognition Award by Jessie over at Luckyjc007, and I mostly certainly do  appreciate the award nomination. Much thanks and appreciation for the thoughtfulness of your nomination.

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