The Advantages Of Working From Home

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Many of us have now found ourselves home working and can I just say, sometimes the struggle can get real. I have not been this happy to see Friday in a long time. My days have rolled into weeks, weeks into months and it had really gotten me into that feel for working from home. It was great to be able to walk the dog, indulge in the crisp morning air before starting work, it was a huge leap from having to roller skate around the house in the mornings before hitting the road for the office and at the end of the day, just as quickly as I was racing to the office, I was racing out of the office to get home. The past few weeks though it was beginning to feel like work was consuming my space.  The office offered the luxury of walking out that door each day and leaving it all behind, Friday was my “Yay” day because the weekend was always just around the corner. However, working from home, made Friday just another day. Yes, the weekend was still there but there was really nothing special about Fridays. My home was now my office and I was simply walking away from my desk. 

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Today’s Inspiration


Today’s Inspiration


Any Circumstance Can Be Changed


Every circumstance you meet contains something for you; because it is made to enrich your life, to serve you, and to promote your welfare in every way possible. By meeting a circumstance in the harmony of aspiration you call forth its real possibilities, and especially if you look directly for those possibilities. When you take an active interest and a friendly interest in the constructive powers of a circumstance, those powers will place themselves in your hands, and every disagreeable element will disappear. By taking the best out of every circumstance, and by transmuting all the forces you meet so that they become your forces, you add so much to your present life that you rise readily to a higher position, where superior circumstances and still greater possibilities will be met. Any circumstance can be changed if constantly approached in this way, or you will change so much that far better circumstances will be ready to receive you. Directly connected with the attitude of harmony is the attitude of love; and the way we love, as well as what we love, is of the highest importance in the mastery of fate. The law is that we steadily grow into the likeness of that which we love, and the reason is that what we love is so deeply impressed upon the mind that it never fails to reproduce itself in thought. Anything that enters mind while the mind is in the state of deep feeling, is deeply impressed; and it is the deepest impressions that serve as patterns for the creative energies. Love only that which has high worth, and never permit the common, the ordinary or the inferior to enter the world of feeling.

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I had it all wrong. (That is starting to be a theme in my year of self- examination…). I used to think that grit was just one thing and that someone with grit had only that to rely on. Like I said, I had it all wrong.

I have to come to realize that real grit is only something that you can observe over a long time of perseverance. It is watching a (or being the) person push a boulder (sometimes metaphorically, other times not) uphill without giving up as it slides with full force back on their shoulders over and over again. It’s watching that happen when it’s raining, and when the sun is shining and when it “wasn’t supposed to be like this”. I thought this was something done only by the unshaken; that people like that never tired, or gave up faith or had any doubt that…

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Today’s Inspiration


Live Without Regrets


12 lessons you learn or regret forever


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Terrific Tuesday

You need to recognize that the risk of moving towards your dreams is much lower than the slow, everyday punishment you inflict on yourself by suppressing your dream. ~ Me Robbins.

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Meaningful Monday!

I hated Mondays with a passion, and who doesn’t? It got to a point where I was physically ill. Headaches, nausea, the works! Not having to wake up at the break of dawn, join the rat race in traffic, and however short, spending an overall relaxing weekend with my family was BLISS. And cutting all that short was MONDAY! The day that ended my my blissful weekend, the day that took me back to a job that wasn’t gratifying.


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